JCPenney Coupons Are BACK!

JCPenney Coupons Are BACK!

JCPenney Coupons has tried to change their way of reaching their customers and unfortunately it didn't work out to the CEO's dismay. The CEO Ron Johnson had tried a new approach to advertising their store's merchandise and it simply missed on all fronts.

JCPenney has been a leading retailer for over 100 years and trying to maintain a leading role in retailing is no easy task for any retailer. In their best effort to reach a new group of consumers, it hasn't played well with their old faithfuls and just recently it has been announced that COUPONS ARE BACK!

Yes, in spite of the best laid plans to try a new and different approach, it is apparent that what was their old standby approach to enticing customers, is still the best method of advertising. Printed Tabloid Circulars and Discount Coupons is the tried and true method of getting and maintaining their customers.

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